Episode 1 – First encounters

Episode 1 has been released on Itunes, and most other podcasting sites, including the episode tab of this website! Go and check it out….please? This was, all in all, a very nerve racking experience, which took a lot longer than I had ever imagined. Does it become quicker?

My God, I lost how many times I recorded episode 1 before I was happy. It was exhausting. From issues with speech, to a lot of reverb on the recording, to the umpteenth script change….sounds a lot like procrastination, doesn’t it? I’m just surprised I managed to get to a stage where I was happy enough with it to release it!

It’s been a long time since I wrote these stories, and back then I wasn’t as detailed in noting down where I got my inspiration from. As I said in another post I read a lot of ghost stories before I began to write this series.

Originally our protagonist, Sarah, had a different, more pretentious name (I was quite young when I wrote these, in the era where giving your characters really obscure and weird names was cool). Ken also had a different name, it just wasn’t as pretentious.

When I began to convert these stories to be a podcast it was strange to think that I was the one who was going to be pretending to be a character I wrote (that’s right, that’s my voice you can hear). This felt to me like a writer acting as the main character in the film adaptation of their novel. In other words, I felt miserably unqualified. I never did drama at school. We only had one teacher and she left after my first year. Could I voice act convincingly, or would it just be me reading from the page, toneless and insipid? If you want to tell me, leave a review.

This is obviously just the beginning of Sarah’s story, so stay tuned for more.

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