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Below is a list of great podcasts I’ve listened to (in no particular order)! Scottish fiction podcasts are marked with a *.

McGillicuddy and Murder’s Pawn Shop – If you liked The Antique Shop, then you’ll love this.

*A Scottish podcast – A darkly humorous comedy-horror that anyone Scottish (like myself) will appreciate.

Wooden Overcoats – Deliciously funny shenanigans at a family run funeral parlour.

The Amelia Project – In my top 3 podcasts of all time. About the goings on of an enigmatic service that fakes clients’ deaths.

Wrong Station – A diverse and hauntingly told horror anthology series.

The Lost Cat Podcast – The weird and wonderful journey of a narrator looking for his cat. Alernatively, the wild hallucinations of an alcoholic looking for his probably non-existent cat.

Welcome to Night Vale – I don’t feel the need to add a synopsis because this is the Godfather of most podcasts. Even I’d heard of it from under my podcast-less rock.

The White Vault – A classic multi-cast audio drama focusing on some unfortunate individuals trapped in an arctic outpost.

Mirrors – A mystery involving 3 woman over different centuries and the things they can all see.

Middle:Below – An adorable horror-comedy about a world not everyone can see and the things that escape from it.

On a Dark Cold Night – a hauntingly beautiful storytelling series.

The Deca Tapes – An amazingly gripping mystery with one of the most satsifying resolutions.

They Walk Among us – A UK true crime podcast that makes gym sessions zoom by.

The Storage Papers – A horror anthology podcast from the owner of an old storage unit which contains witness statements of the paranormal.

Olive Hill

Mission Rejected – The haphazard adventures of understudy special agents.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories – if you need a synopsis, I’m worried.

Victoriocity – Detective comedy drama set in very steampunk-esque alternative Victorian London.

*Glasgow Ghost Stories – what I can only describe as paranormal flash audio fiction.

The Trail Went Cold – True crime investigating missing persons or unsolved murders.

*The Aletheian Society – another fantastic Scottish based comedy-horror podcast set in Victorian Glasgow.

Rose Drive – A gripping mystery about a man looking for answers in his estranged hometown.

Mabel – a series of voicemails from a carer to her charge’s grandaughter about the strange goings on in the house

The Tower* – another brilliant bit of storytelling from the creators of Middle:Below about a woman who decied to climb an enigmatic and potentially dangerous tower.

Caledonian Gothic* – an anthology horror series that will truly terrify you to your soul, especially if you live in Scotland.

Death by Dying – a fantastic and heart-warming podcast about a town’s obituary writer as he investigates recent deaths.

Haunted Hell House of Horror – a comedy podcast about a group of people who work in a haunted house.

How i Died – stories about a forensic pathologist who solves crimes by speaking to the ghosts of the victim, who’s body he’s going to examine.

Unexplained – not fiction, but an unsolved mysteries podcast that makes for some interesting listening.

The Magnus Archives – Genuinely creepy horror anthology.

Fun fact #1: This podcast helped me over the line into vegetarianism (nope, not joking).

Fun fact #2: This podcast made me realise I might be able to do a podcast too!

Podcasts everyone and their dog has heard of and I’ve also listened to:

Limetown (now a TV series)

Fun fact #3: The first podcast I ever listened to!

Alice isn’t Dead


The Black Tapes

The No Sleep Podcast – another Godfather of fiction podcasts.

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