I know, what even is this website anymore. I don’t like leaving the house often, and the only reasons I used to (pre-plague) was for work, food, and to walk to the dog. Now, I only leave the house to walk the dog, which means I get all of my food delivered. Yet, sometimes my weekly shop from the supermarket is just missing that pazazz; there’s only so much bolognese you can eat.

This is a list of sweet treats that I have tried and really liked (and in most cases have ordered multiple times from). This list is mostly for me to keep track (I like food), but since these are mostly small businesses, click the links and support them if their products entice you (no discount/affiliate code, I’m afraid, I’m not that important, nor am I sponsored by any of these businesses). I will be using spoons to rate the below businesses, with 5 being the maximum.

Project Doughnut – as the title says, a small business dealing in desirable doughnuts. I’ve ordered a few times, and loved every box. If you live “local”, which is West Midlands, you can get a wide selection of boxes of four (including vegan options, which are also amazing), which change every week. They’ve since expanded to national delivery, but this only comes in boxes of 6 (and I’ve never tried them because I live local). Five spoons.

Freshkery – A small business specialising in boxes of baked goods. I first tried their Halloween box, and have since had their Valentines day one, both were amazing. I usually get the variety box (cookies, brownies, blondies, and Madeleines), but they do specialised boxes, and occasionally have loaf cakes. National delivery as standard. Four spoons.

Ai no Mochi – If you don’t like mochi (a dessert from Japan made from sweetened rice flour that is pulverised until it becomes mochi), then scroll on down. Another small business specialising in national delivery of traditional and “western” flavoured mochi. I’ve had a few boxes, and for Christmas they doubled the amount completely free of charge, which was so nice. Boxes come in 8 and 16 mochi per box. It is quite expensive, but so worth it. Four spoons.

Ben’s cookies – Not a small business (I think, since they have multiple shops, national and international) but still so good. I first had these cookies from their Bath shop on my last visit, so when I discovered they do national delivery, I was eager to try. These are my favourite kind of cookies (soft, a bit like Millie’s cookies but better). Needless to say, they didn’t last long. Five spoons.

The Indulgence – The first non-baked goods shop. This is chocolate, and that’s all that needs saying. I’m not a big fan of plain chocolate, I like mine with a bit of flair, flavours, things in them. They sell boxes of chocolates, and most importantly do a “build your own box” option, so the only thing limiting you is your budget. Again, a tad on the expensive side depending on what packaging you get, but I really liked these, so would highly recommend. Five spoons.

Piglets Pantry – I usually go on holiday every year. Not to the sunny climates of a foreign country (I melt at anything above 25 degrees), but the UK. No matter where I go I always get the ingredients of a “cream tea”, usually just scones, jam, and clotted cream. It’s my annual holiday treat. However, since the plague, I’ve not been able to do this. Until now, but I upgraded. This company focuses on deliverable afternoon teas, the full monty, savoury, sweet, and tea, the only thing it doesn’t come with is the cake stand. Most importantly, for me at least, is that they do vegetarian options. This box was awesome, and something to try if you’re in need of a pick me up, or a bank holiday weekend treat. Four spoons.

Vesweeties – Have you ever had a craving for Haribo? Me too. Have you ever gone to put it in your weekly shopping cart only to find out that most gummy sweets aren’t suitable for vegetarians? I’ve only been a vegetarian for 2 years, and have managed to go that long without a Haribo craving, but now I couldn’t satisfy it. Enter Vesweeties (previously known as Vegummies). An 800g pick n’ mix bag with all of the gummy sweets you could possibly want. Four spoons.

Mademoiselle Macaron – Have you ever tried to bake a macaron (the tiny round French biscuits)? I have, and it’s a nightmare. Despite many batches, I’ve never been able to get them right. So, I bought them instead from this Edinburgh based business. You can build your own box, which I’ve had all to myself. If you’re feeling particularly sweet toothed, then these are for you, and the flavours are great too. Five spoons.

Tea and the Gang – Possibly the only drink place on this list, more specifically what they term as their “tea latte”. These are powders that you add boiling water to then add milk as required. I thought this was so cool, and I find it hard to describe. To me it’s like a milkshake without the sugar, which may sound disgusting to some, but to someone like me who doesn’t have a sweet tooth (despite the list up until this point). I don’t put sugar in my normal tea and coffee because I find it too sweet, and don’t get me started on the cool drinks in Starbucks and Costa, whicht to me is literally like drinking sugar water. I can taste the flavours of these tea lattes. I got a raspberry flavoured one, and I could taste the raspberry, instead of that fake sugar raspberry that flavoured things usually do. It was also a great summer drink with ice. Five spoons.

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