Series Synopsis

Here you can find brief synopses for all episodes as often stories cross multiple episodes. Sarah’s hunt for the funders is spread across the whole season.

Season 1

Ghostly child arc

Episode 1 – Introduction to the infamous Investigations into Paranormal Phenomena (IPP) study, and we meet our first ghost.

Episode 2 – We hear the ghost’s tragic story and get an update on Sarah’s hunt for who funded IPP

Medium #1

Episode 3 – We meet the first medium to be recruited to the study

St Mary’s arc

Episode 4 – Introduction to St Mary’s primary school, where blood curdling screams are heard in the wee hours of the night.

Episode 5 – We find out the truth surrounding the apparent screaming ghost of St Mary’s.

Psychic #1

Episode 6 – Sarah introduces us to a famous psychic detective, Joe MacDonald, who’s agreed to do some readings for the study.

Episode 7 – Joe MacDonald’s dark secret is revealed.

Anderson house arc

Episode 8 – Steph’s friend requests the team’s help regarding his daughter who claims to see a ghost in their home.

Episode 9 – The shadowy presence reveals a dark secret of the house.

Demon posession arc

Episode 10 – The team receive a report from a concerned priest who thinks a member of his parish is posessed by a demon.

Episode 11 – The demon plaguing the young student may be more human than first expected.

MacBride house arc

Episode 12 – Strother and the team visit the house of a retired academic to investigate the strange occurences.

Episode 13 – The goings on in the house turn out to be more deadly than the team bargained for.

Medium #82

Episode 14 –

Episode 15 (Season finale) –

Season 2

Coming soon….

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